Arizer - Air

Multi-Purpose Micro Heater

Aromatherapy | Essential oils diffuser
Potpourri warmer | Dehydrated herbs

Owners Manual

(Read before Using)


First Use:

Warm up unit on high setting a few minutes before inserting glass stem. This makes the stem easier to insert and is only required until the connection is broken in.

- Press and hold center of Up/Down button to turn unit on or off.
- UP arrow raises temperature, DOWN arrow lowers temperature.
- To Recall last temperature setting: Turn unit on, press Down button for 2 seconds.
- Turn on/off audible beep tone: Press and Hold Up button for 2 seconds.

State – LED (Display)
Blue: Flashing indicates unit heating, Solid Blue indicates set temperature is reached.
Red: Solid Red indicates battery is low and needs to be charged.
Green: Flashes in the charging process, Solid green indicates battery is charged.

Turn Unit On: Press and hold center of Up/Down button for 3 seconds.
Set to Desired Temperature: Press UP button, top LED indicates temperature setting, Blue (lowest), White, Green, Yellow, Red, (highest).
Turn unit off: Press and hold center of Up/Down button for 3 seconds.

When Battery is low the lower LED glows solid red.
Plug in the charger / adapter (only the supplied adapter can be used).
Flashing green indicates charging.
When battery is full, LED will glow solid green.

Changing the Battery:
The Arizer Air features the ability to replace with a full charged battery on the go.
Unscrew and remove the bottom end cap, replace with fully charged battery.

Auto Shut Off – 10 minutes
Weight approx 110g
122mm x 29mm
Adapter charger: 5V/1.2A
Unit can be used when plugged into AC power.

The glass dish or glass diffuser stem can be used depending on matcirals, for aromatherapy use the dish, for inhalation use the glass stem.

Potpourri, Botanicals, Flowers

Essential Oils

How to easily fill the glass stem dish

*Use coarse ground botanicals otherwise
air flow can be diminished.

With ground botanicals in a container simply push the glass stem into the container ever so slightly twisting as you push downward. This fills the dish. Be careful not to press too hard or it may pack too tightly. After a few times filling it’s easy to learn the simple technique. Using the product this way takes advantage of its design and ensures easy maintenance and optimal performance. To empty the stem use the stirring tool provided.

Experiment with the temperature settings and set to your won preference. Varying factors will determine the temperature setting to use,. Such as type of botanicals, moisture content, whole flower or ground form etc. Small amounts are recommended to ensure proper release of herbal essences.

After numerous uses the glass parts should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure optimal performance.

Glass Diffuser Stem

Unscrew and remove black mouthpiece tip from glass. Rinse tip and glass in isopropyl, (rubbing alcohol), and/or dish soap, then rinse with hot water. Repeat as necessary. Do not soak black tip in alcohol for more than 30 mintues.

Soak in dish soap and warm water and rinse.

Available Accessories
Spare Batteries, Chargers, Colored Cases, Parts and more available online,

This information is an aid in understanding the various theories and practices, preparations and use, and does not represent an endorsement or guarantee the efficacy or use of its preparation. This information is not intended in any way to replace or supersede professional consultations.

The information contained herein is for instructional and cautionary purposes only. In no way is the information contained herein intended to be a medical or prescriptive guide or to be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem, condition or disease. It is the users responsibility to consult a Physician or Medical Professional.

Precautions and Tips – Read before use

First time use Examine box contents, ensure all included parts are in good condition, not damaged from shipping. Check glass parts for cracks or breakage.

*Choking Hazard – keep packaging materials, bags, small parts away from children and pets.

WARNING: HOT PARTS – Handle hot parts and glass parts with care. Glass parts get HOT, wait 5 minutes to cool before touching glass parts and on or near previously heated areas of the unit, namely top area. Do not place hot parts on wooden/fabric/plastic or non-heat safe materials into the dish. Arizer and affiliated companies are not liable for injuries or burns associated from touching hot parts.

While glass parts are made from strong borosilicate glass, borosilicate glass is breakable. Handle with care and caution. Avoid tapping on hard surfaces to prevent cracking and breaking. If a glass is dropped or sustains an impact examine for cracking, chipping, and weakness before use. Due to the fragility and nature of glass Arizer and affiliated companies are not responsible for cuts or injuries sustained from breakage. Do not expose hot glass parts to cold water or extreme temperature change as this may result in cracking/breaking.

Do not leave the unit turned on and left unattended.

Allow heating unit and hot parts to cool before placing in purse, pocket or any container where damage from hot parts can occur.

Product is not licensed as a medical device, use unit only for its intended use.

Product contains electrical and delicate parts, do not drop. If damaged don’t operate. To protect/prevent against electric shock/fire never immerse or operate the product in or around any water/liquids.

Do not stick or pour anything in the unit or place near flammable material. Do not store/operate/expose the unit and contents to extreme temperatures. Do not open the unit. Doing so may cause electric shock and voids warranty.

Keep out of reach/use from children, minors and pets. Failure to read or follow instructions, improper or careless use may lead to personal injury. Arizer TMand affiliated companies cannot be held responsible.

Arizer and affiliated companies will not assume any liability for injury or damages resulting from the use or misuse of this device. Use of this product is intended for use with the botanicals described herein, Arizer and affiliated companies are not liable for use with other than those botanicals described herein. Company’s liability for damages in connection with the product and it’s parts shall not exceed the purchase price of the product.

Lithium Battery Handling /Warning Read and follow data sheet insert included in package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Obey local laws. Not all essential oils, botanicals and herbs are legal for use in every Country or State. Check your local, State, Federal and Importation laws before ordering botanicals. This device is mean for legal use only.


Two years parts & labor against defects in material or workmanship, excluding battery. Lifetime warranty on heating elements. Glass is not covered under warranty. Retain proof of purchase for warranty service. Returning the product and costs incurred are the responsibility of the user. Arizer will repair or replace warranted items at our discretion.

The warranty does not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.

For assistance contact Customer Service at, 88-291-0521-

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Download a copy of the original Arizer Air Manual: Arizer-Air-Manual.pdf