Magic Flight Launch Box

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Magic Flight Launch Box
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Jack's MFLB Review

Raw, organic, pure; whatever you want to call the Magic Flight Launch Box it is certainly a minimalist take on the whole business of vaping.

The entirety of the MFLB comes down to very few moving parts: a small wood box, a heating element inspired by something akin to a flashlight, a movable cover and a draw tube. Nothing more nothing less. This means that things have a though time breaking on you, unless you smash the poor thing on the floor, you'll have the MFLB working for you for years.

MFLB is very sturdy unless you go Godzilla on it's ass

Unlike most other vapes we carry this one runs on a single rechargeable AA battery that you place into the battery port when you want the vape to heat up. Within a few seconds the heating element is activated and begins baking your herb.

Temperature Control

Because there is no buttons or dials or any sort of electronics on the MFLB folks wonder how one controls vaping temps. According to the manufacturer the MFLB is calibrated to be at 380°F (193°C) four seconds after the moment it is started (the battery completes the circuit). This temperature can be maintained if you draw nice and slowly. You have to be aware that maintaining constant temperature takes practice and a bit of skill. This is the organic aspect of the MFLB that customers love. You get to know your particular unit, and all of its quirks. Vaping with the Box becomes an intimate ritual.

The full range of temperatures, inclusive of all possible operating conditions, intended or accidental, available to the LB is anywhere from ambient to full combustion at 451°F (233°C). The typical operating temperature of the LB while in use tends to center at about 392°F (200°C) -- this is the ideal. Accessible/common usage technique can easily allow for anything in the range of 329°F (165°C) to 410°F (210°C).


Every MFLB comes with two rechargeable batteries. We at include 2 extra batteries for your convenience. It is fairly common to pack one larger trench and have a battery last an entire session ie. 4-8 draws depending on how hard you pull. With 3 extra spare batteries you'll have more then enough juice to last you quite some time.


Organic Vaping Experience
Genuine Maple Wood Build
Quality American Craftsmanship

Factory Package Includes

  • MFLB Vape
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Caps for batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece Tube
  • Decorative storage tin
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual

Free Extras

  • 2 Genuine MFLB Batteries
  • 4 Piece Zinc Grinder


It's not always about the latest technology, about how much processing power and gizmos we can shove in a vape, sometimes its about having a genuine relationship with our device. This may sound a bit corny but we've all had that kinship with some inanimate object in our lives a car that needed our special touch to get going, a video game console that had to be "massaged" in a special way to get the game cartridge to work, this is no different. You are going to develop a very special relationship with your MFLB, you'll know how to work it just right and it will reciprocate with just the right intensity of vapor for your pleasure. If you're a purist, minimalist, this vape is your ticket to Zen.

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