1. Arizer Solo II Review

    Arizer Solo II

    Everyone is talking about the new Arizer Solo 2.


    If you read other reviews, it’s because it’s a must buy.

    But is it really?

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  2. Arizer Air Review

    Arizer Air History

    In December 2013 the Arizer Air vaporizer was introduced as an alternative to Arizer's Solo

    It was a sleeker more compact vape, a true pocket vaporizer.

    The last few years have given the marketplace enough time to get a good feel for the quality of this latest addition to Arizer’s lineup.

    It has also given me plenty of first hand user and retailer experience with these units.

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  3. Arizer Solo Review

    Arizer Solo History

    It was the Canadian Arizer Solo vaporizer that changed the vape game when it was first introduced in 2011.

    As with all electronics it took a few years for Arizer to perfect the technology and get the right combination of hardware that make this vape one of our favorites.

    Now in its 6th year of production we have a reliable, dry herb vaping workhorse. 

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  4. Arizer Extreme Q Review

    Arizer Extreme Q History

    In 2008, the early days of digital vaping, Arizer introduced the world to it's answer to the Volcano.

    It was an instant hit as it retailed for less than half price than the Volcano.

    The current model of the Extreme Q (version 4) was released in 2012.

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  5. Industry Insights - Vaporizer Re-Branding

    As part of our transparency policy we try to arm our clients with as much information about the products we sell as possible.

    We believe this gives our clients the necessary data to make a well informed purchasing decision.

    ith this in mind we present a short guide to Vaporizer Rebranding.

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