Arizer Extreme Q History

In 2008, the early days of digital vaping, Arizer introduced the world to it's answer to the Volcano.

It was an instant hit as it retailed for less than half price than the Volcano.

The current model of the Extreme Q (version 4) was released in 2012.


There is quite a bit of glass in there and it may take you a couple of minutes to figure it all out.

I find it most convenient to use the whip for vaping.

I bring out the balloons (bags) when friends come over, makes the whole process super fun and a good laugh.

The built in LED light around the rim of the base is a bit gimmicky, but does give the unit a Star Wars sort of feel when turned on in a dim room during a session.

(Maybe it’s just me though).

The Q does not have a valve on the bag so you’ll just have to pinch it or plug it with your finger.

In my opinion this small inconvenience is worth the $250+ savings over the Volcano for example.

The unit heats up quickly to temperature and the fan settings work well although the bags aren’t filled as fast as with the Volcano


The couple of hundred bucks in savings makes up for this without doubt.

(You can pretty much buy 3 of these for the price of a Volcano).

The potpourri dish is huge and can fit all sorts of flowers and herbs, my wife loves a mint cinnamon mix, I don’t mind it as well.

I did try to use it for pine tree sap with crappy results

(Don’t do it) the sap just gets hard and it takes forever to get it off the glass.

Buy a prepared mix for pine tree sap scents or let me know how you make your own I’d love to know, it’s such an amazing nature/tree hugger scent.

As you may have noticed I’m a bit biased towards Arizer products, they sell best, have low warranty rates and have a high customer satisfaction rating.

The Extreme Q is no different.

With an all glass vapor path up to your whip or bag, a ceramic heating element and a can’t be beat price it’s hard to argue with its value proposition.


I recommend the first thing you do once you have the unit out of its packaging is putting it though a heating cycle before you start diddling with any of the included attachments.

So plug the unit in and first set the temperature to the highest setting with the fan going on the highest setting.

Do not use the remote control yet.

Once at temperature turn the unit down again to a standby temperature.

Now do the same using the remote.

Now that everything is checked out and primed, you can dive into the accessory pack.


As with all Arizer products warranty is solid and easy to access.

We have experienced a total of under 10 warranty claims from over a thousand units sold.


Final thoughts on the Arizer Extreme Q It’s a very affordable quality unit, which gives any much more expensive vape a good run for its money.

The fit and finish is on par with any out there and at $179 CAD (MAP) it’s a desktop vaporizer offer that is hard to beat.