Arizer Air OEM Battery

This is the official OEM replacement battery for the Arizer Air.

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Lithium Ion batteries have been commercially available for 2 decades now. First sold commercial by Sony they have now become the defacto standard for e-cig mods and portable vaporizers.

The 18650 designation relates to the diameter and length of the battery which are 18mm by 65 mm.

There are two types of 18650 batteries:

  • Protected
  • Unprotected

The Arizer OEM battery is a protected battery which means it has an electronic circuit inside to prevent things like:

  • Over/under charge/discharge
  • Short Circuit
  • Over Heating
    • Over Pressure - Pressure Relief Valve
    • Microporous Seperation
    • PTC Cathodal Block

Protected batteries will also be slightly larger than the 18mm x 65 mm designation to account for the extra hardware inside. This protection comes also at a price premium.

Arizer Air takes advantage of the small diameter of these batteries to make it one of the more handy units on the market.

This original Arizer Air OEM battery will last you approximately for 1 hour of continuous use before it needs to be recharged.

Given an average use of 10 minutes per session, once per day you can get about a weeks worth of juice before you will need to recharge.

All genuine Arizer replacement batteries will have the following stenciled on them "Manufactured for UQC, Inc."

*Please note that Arizer specifically mandates the use of their own batteries to keep your Arizer Air warranty valid. Use of 3rd party batteries voids warranty.

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